Custom Web Application Design & Development

Possessing all the latest web technology innovations at our fingertips combined with our long-standing experience in website and web application development, allows us to provide you with the right solution for your unique business needs. Our top class team of professionals with strong backgrounds and advanced technical skills can manage your product from "Concept to Completion", from in-depth technical analysis and assessment to complete development and implementation. Xtreme Media's expertise in custom web application development covers the following main areas: e-Commerce Solutions (B2B, B2C), Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), database driven web site & application, web enabling legacy systems, web portals design and development, web application re-engineering, and website enhancements.

Having achieved profound experience in such web tools and technologies as HTML, PHP, MySQL, MS SQL server through successful completion of dozens of custom web development projects for a variety of industries, Xtreme Media can offer everything you need to start conducting business online over the Internet. Irrespective of the size or nature of the business, you can benefit from our proven background in professional web site and web application development and be ensured that your online business will gain the competitive edge within your marketplace.

Once your web product is up and running, you will be provided with our support and maintenance afterwards in whatever format suits you most. As your business grows and you want to add optional features, our team will work with you to measure the performance of your web application and make enhancements to ensure your strategy stays on track with your customers and the constantly changing Internet environment. You may be confident you will be provided with the most up-to-date solutions since we keep up with the cutting edge of new technologies and this is a crucial asset we always maintain.

Custom Web Design & Original Art Work

By combining marketing expertise and design skills, Xtreme Media offers a full spectrum of professional, quality-driven services on custom website design and re-design, Flash web site design and programming, multimedia presentation design and development, corporate identity, custom print graphics, and original art work. The team of design and marketing professionals at Xtreme Media blends inspiration, creative approach and technical skills to help you communicate with your clients and network more effectively, position your brand, or take your business to new heights. The variety of unique design solutions provided for a diverse range of industries keeps our designers and artists fresh and enthused.

Custom Web Design

Through target audience research and competitive analysis, Xtreme Media provides you with an effectively designed and branded web site that incorporates not just an appealing and appropriate look and feel but make you really stand above the rest. Xtreme Media's professional web designers are committed to creating customer-focused websites that drive targeted visitors to your products or services and convert these visits into tangible results for your business. With our extensive expertise in developing effective web solutions coupled with strong creative and technical skills, we make your web site an accurate reflection of your goals and vision, and your web presence - dynamic and fully functioning extension of your business helping you develop competitive edge in the marketplace.

Website Re-design

In addition to website design from ground up, Xtreme Media also provides professional re-design solutions which can be easily integrated into your existing web site infrastructure. Our team of consultants, graphic designers and web developers will assess your current website functionality, identify your needs and goals, and offer the best solution to improve site performance, maximize the impact of your brand and take your website to the next level while preserving previous investments and operations. Attention to detail and vital principles of an efficient web presentation that communicates and enhances the company's brand are inseparable features of every re-design solution we provide.

Flash Design & Multimedia Solutions

Xtreme Media can give your website an extra edge and add more interactivity by creating high-impact Flash and multimedia solutions. Our core Flash services span Flash Intro, Flash website, Flash demos and presentations, embedded Flash components, Flash animations, banners, and any other elements that will bring the interactivity aspect of your website to perfection by using the Flash technology. Xtreme Media possesses a combination of Flash experts and the necessary know-how to leverage the true power of Flash multimedia, from animated graphics to highly-advanced online multimedia applications. Our Flash designers can create a completely new sense of interaction on the web and ensure strong, lasting first impression of your brand. Experienced in Macromedia Action Script (internal programming language for Flash), our Flash programmers are committed to implementing sophisticated Flash-based multimedia applications that have a perfect balance between functionality and design.

Corporate Identity

Whatever your business’s size, age or sector, it is crucial for your company to have an easily recognizable and memorable corporate identity (corporate ID) in the market. Corporate identity involves a set of unique images and visual artwork that enables companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors and boost their image in the eyes of customers. This includes logo design, business cards, letterheads, collateral print materials, brochures, flyers, billboards, and other identity pieces. The experienced graphic designers at Xtreme Media develop innovative ideas and impressive designs to create a consistent corporate identity encompassing your company's objectives and delivering a message and impression that conveys a unique meaning to your targeted audience.

Original Art Work

Our design approach is always unique and inspired. Whatever ideas you may keep in mind, we will use our diversity of expression to come up with a really special piece of artwork to perfectly reflect your vision. By choosing Xtreme Media you will benefit from our experience in producing eye-catching custom designs, all tied by their distinctive touch and intended to have your target audience satisfied with the unique and appealing graphics.