Xtreme Media is a multimedia design firm customized to fit your needs. Our wide range of media services offered combined with our state of the art technologies, years of creative thinking and successful productions guarantee that your vision in our hands will succeed.

Our creative and innovative high performance marketing campaigns will meet your expectations. Every new idea and strategy born for your campaign will make your business expand and prosper. Our talented creativity has the power to grow your vision.

Whether you are a well established organization or an emerging business, our objective is the same... OUR VISION IS TO FULFILL YOURS!

Graphic Design
Need a layout or covers for annual reports, proposals or training manuals? Xtreme Media creates business graphics and layouts that tell your story. We understand how to graphically communicate using visual and text to focus the viewer’s attention. Whether you need to make a bold statement or just need to blend colors that work well together, Xtreme Media will create the perfect presentation to get your point across.

Digital Imaging
A picture is worth a thousand words, but what do your images say? Often times, the difference between a professional message and amateur status is not the picture, but how they are presented. Xtreme Media specializes in digital imagery and the magic that can be performed. We provide retouching, color correction, sharpening, logo placement, insertion and removal of key elements and complete photo restorations. Do you need your logo placed, resized or cropped on a product shot? Would you like to remove wrinkles, tattoos, or blemishes from model shots? We can add, delete and manipulate your images the way you want them and need to use them.

Identity & Branding
The most powerful advertising is instant recognition. Does your logo leave an impression with your audience? Is it distinguishable and lasting? Branding is the key to most advertising. Your logo, letterhead, business cards and website are often the first impressions your business makes, it needs to be a lasting one. Xtreme Media can tailor a package to set you apart, build your brand and create instant recognition.

CD & DVD Creation
Present your business on CD or DVD. Discs are a cost effective way to make large amounts of information available about your products and services. Your information can be made available on CD, DVD, or Business Card Disc formats. We will create discs that run on most computers by simply putting them in the player. We will also create easy access and navigation to the feature and functions on every disc.

You have less than 10 seconds get someone’s attention and make them want more, does your presentation do that? Xtreme Media builds presentations that are engaging, stimulating, and interesting. We can layout a plan to help you get your message across. Presentations can be given by an individual, self-paced or automatically paced. Whether your presentation is delivered electronically, on slides or overheads, we can build the best solution for your needs. Each presentation can also include Speaker and Participant handouts, so your audience can focus on you, instead of taking notes. What you say is as important as how you say it; say it with confidence and the right presentation.

Product Packaging
Need a CD or DVD prototype for a show... Xtreme Media has created packaging and CD’s/DVD's for a variety of products and companies. We have created jewel cases, product labels, sleeves, DVD cases, book and manual covers, CD Business Cards and product boxes for games and videos. Wrap your product in eye catching graphics that get attention and will be remembered.

You have many tools to attract potential customers in today, but you still need traditional marketing materials. Xtreme Media can take your image, products and services, and company information and build printed materials that make the phone ring. We have vast experience creating direct mail pieces, post card campaigns, brochures, posters and flyers. We will bring traditional marketing and electronic marketing together to pack a punch you could not achieve with either method alone.

Audio / Video
Do you want video clips and music on your website? Audio and video is growing on the Internet as high speed access grows. We can create and add these elements to your site in a manner that is visitor friendly and useful. We can also recommend which technologies, delivery systems, and qualities are best suited for you needs. We offer audio and video conversion, compression, live broadcasting and multi-format delivery systems, in both downloadable and streaming formats. Motion and music can add a nice touch to your site, if delivered wisely.