New Zoho Show 3 Presentation Tool


Zoho is now taking online productivity software to the next level. Everyone else focuses on making reduced-functionality online tools. That's not the path we've chosen. We want to make the best online tools. We want to make them even better than their desktop counterparts. And while Zoho Show is currently the best online presentations editor available, we are never completely satisfied.

So we've been working for a long time on the next release of Zoho Show. We have made it easier for users to create visually appealing presentations. We focused on making the whole process painless and effortless, and we wanted to make sure you can deliver your presentations anywhere. We're excited to unveil the beta version of Zoho Show 3. And while there are still some kinks to iron out, it is at a stage where we'd like to open it up for people to try it out and give us some feedback.

Zoho Show is the best online productivity experience anyone has ever delivered in a browser. I'd tell you what's new in this release vs our current one - but everythingis new here.


Visually Appealing 
Nobody likes slide decks full of bullet points. Zoho Show makes it very simple to create great, visually appealing presentations that will help you engage your audience. Adding effects like shadows and reflections to your online elements takes only a couple of clicks. Insert dynamic shapes that you can morph and tweak to fit your particular slide. Enhanced text and image editing gives you more creative control so you can make your slide look exactly how you want.

Effortless Creation

Some time ago we introduced our MenuTab design in our Zoho Writer service - and it makes it so much easier to get your stuff done. Now we're bringing the MenuTab to Zoho Show. But that's just the start. When you are trying to modify an element, now we present the choices visually and when you make a selection, we'll apply it to the object in real-time, so you don't have to keep guessing how your slide will look like. We've revamped the way we handle masters and layouts - and now you can even choose between several slide sizes to match the medium you'll be presenting on (for example, widescreen projectors, or letter-sized paper). And now, creating flowcharts and diagrams is a breeze with our self-routing connectors.

Deliver Anywhere

One of the primary reasons you create a presentation is for, well, others to see it. Zoho Show makes this very simple. You can, for example, collaborate with other people while creating your presentation. But that's not all. When it comes to actually delivering your presentation, you can do it from your laptop hooked up to a projector, or you can do it over the web. One of the nice things about Zoho Show is that you only need to give a URL to the people you are presenting to, and they'll be able to follow along using just their browser - without having to download anything. Need to go out of your presentation and share the desktop? You can do that too! And of course you can also embed the presentation on your website for others to peruse at their own pace.